Today’s devotion is from Jane Kilgo. Read it and be blessed.

Let’s be real!  These last few months have been very hard in many ways for lots of people.  They have been filled with a myriad of emotions for people all over the world first with Covid19 and now with societal unrest over racial issues that must be addressed. —fear, uncertainty, anxiety, depression, anger and more.

As Christ-followers, we know that we are to trust God and “be not afraid”.  But honestly, in our humanity we can feel nearly overwhelmed at times.  We can try to ignore or stuff feelings we consider to be negative—fear, and anger, etc., because we’re trying to be good Christians who trust God to help us—right?

However, I’m so thankful that we have Biblical examples of pouring out our woes, everything troubling us, to God and be heard and understood.  Look at the many Psalms where David is crying out to the Lord in his anguish (Ps.102,142, etc.).  In Hebrews 4:15-15 we are told that Jesus in His humanity empathizes with our weaknesses and was tested in every way we are yet remained sinless.  Then, we are told, we can come boldly and confidently to His throne of grace to receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

May I share a personal example of this truth?  One Sunday morning during the praise and worship time just before churches had to close, I began to think of my daughter and her family in Italy, already very hard hit with Coronavirus.  My mind began to take me down the path to fear: “When will I ever get to see them again”?  To “I may never see them again!” To almost a state of panic!  I realized I had a choice (and we always do in our thinking): continue down that path OR to re-enter into worship, singing God’s promises and believing His truths, no matter what happens!  Changing our thinking changes our feeling ultimately!

The Lord has helped me understand that I have, as have many people, been experiencing a type of grieving, as things may never be quite the same again.  However, He has promised that He will be with us always!  Nothing can be more comforting than His Abiding Presence in the midst of these storms—whether personal and societal!                                                                                                              Jane Kilgo